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We here at the STYG really want to make sure you stay informed.

Well, we’re pretty passionate about helping you connect with God.  We believe that this happens is many MANY ways!  We have lots of things we do together in community like D-Groups (Wednesday nights), Youth Group events (Sundays), Film School (Sunday mornings), Love Journeys (Mexico House Building, Disaster Relief Projects, Urban Assistance) and other Stuff You Can Sign Up For as well (roller coasters, music concerts, canoe trips, etc).  We really believe that the things we do together (no matter what they are) are ways for us to practice what it means to live out a hopeful, helpful, peaceful, loving, “Jesusy” and Spirit-filled faith.  In other words, we want to follow Jesus in every aspect of our lives, not just on Sundays or Wednesdays or that random Friday afternoon. We want to make THIS life matter, here and now, and not just wait around for the next one to happen after we die (but rest assured, we’re looking forward to THAT life too!).


Maybe we can say it like this . . . we believe that Jesus demonstrated the fact that God is up to something in the world, something BIG!  And the Spirit of God compels us to figure out what God is doing and jump on board.  Are you into art, music, history, science, medicine, languages, theology, social justice, human interest, politics, etc?  ALL those things (yes, all of them) are ways each of us can use our vocation to bring hope, love, beauty, justice, truth, and reconciliation to the world around us.  And so, as a youth group, the STYG seeks to gather together in a community in order to practice a Way of Life so that it can be lived for the benefit of those around us and thereby partner with God’s ongoing restorative mission for the world.  In short, by following the teachings of Jesus, and being empowered by God’s Spirit, we want heaven to crash into earth.


So, help us help you to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way!  We’re not so arrogant to think that we’ve got the best things going or that you have to be involved in what we’re doing to make your life in the Way of Jesus.  But we’d sure love to help you do that, either here or somewhere else.  Regardless, you’re invited to participate in everything we’re doing.


Here’s how you can get more information and/or contact us:

Email: aranwalter@gmail.com

Aran’s Cell: 920.379.6229 (voice or text)

Snapchat: aranwalter

Instagram: aranwalter

Twitter: @aranwalter AND @stthomaswi

Web: www.styg.com AND www.stthomaswi.com

Facebook: Aran Walter

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Tumblr: aranwalter

Church: 920.725.5601

Fax: 920.725.5602

Snail: 226 Washington Street  Menasha, WI  54952


grace and peace to you all


We aren’t alone in this journey with God. There are lots and Lots and LOTS of other people out there who are partnering with God in the Way of Jesus. Here are just a few ways you can connect with others out there . . .

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the STYG is a part of St. Thomas Church MenashaSt. Thomas Church

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.Diocese of Fond du Lac

the St. Thomas Church Menasha is a part of the Diocese of Fond du Lac

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the Episcopal Church is a part of the worldwide Anglican CommunionThe Anglican Communion

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PLUS, here are some organizations that we’ve partnered with over the years . . . we think they’re cool so you should definitely check them out . . .


.rock the world

Rock the World Youth Mission Alliance



.fr. carr's place 2B


Father Carr’s Place 2B




life promotions.


Life Promotions




camp lakotah.

Camp Lakotah



emergency shelter.

The Emergency Shelter Fox Valley



.CSM logo


Center for Student Missions



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