It’s Time…

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Hello friends . . . grace and peace,

Let’s not mince words, OK? The world is a pretty amazing and glorious place.  Just THINK about all the incredible things that take place each day as well as all the fabulous places that exist in this world.  And the people! There are billions and BILLIONS of people on this planet and they’re all of them beautiful creations by the God of the Universe.

Well, some of them are at least. I mean, that’s what we think, right? Let’s face it, there’s no WAY God created “those” people! And come ON, don’t get me started on (insert the person you despise). THAT person, THOSE people . . . they’re not beautiful or amazing. There are places on this earth that are so despicably grotesque we MUST raise the question as to whether or not God is even IN that place!

This is what we do, isn’t it? We make judgement calls about other people and different places. We place ourselves in God’s Seat and from the safety of our churches, or laptops, or private conversations (cough-cough GOSSIP cough-cough), we hurl judgement upon our neighbors because it makes us feel good. It puts us in the position of power… and we like power. A lot.

You know what’s not helpful? People using the social media or blogs or statements or open letters or to point out what they think is wrong with people, or their wickedness, or the incorrect theology. We know we’re not going to all agree with one another. So instead of huddling together behind the scenes with people  we already agree with, perhaps we can go have coffee with those with whom we have issues with. Maybe we can find someone, or someones, who are quite different than us, and listen to their story. We can then invite them to listen to ours (after we’ve listened to – and not offered commentary on – all 29 chapters of theirs).

Here at the STYG, we want to trust our entire lives to Jesus. We want to listen to God’s Story and have it transform our hearts and relationships. We invite God’s Holy Spirit to empower us to share God’s Radical Love with others with whom we’ve build relationships. And the way we do this is to gather together in order to practice a Way of Life so that it can be lived for the benefit of those around us and thereby partner with God’s restorative mission for the world.

There’s lots of ways we do that. Youth Group on Sunday afternoons or evenings, D-Groups on Wednesday nights, Film School on Sunday mornings, Love Journeys each summer, and special Stuff To Sign Up For on various days or weekends. The most important thing is that we continue to get together, because somebody famous once said that where two or three gather together, I am there with them.  Pretty sure I read that somewhere. 😉 #Matthew1820

peace to you

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