Let’s Gather

Hello friends . . . grace and peace,

number 3Here at The STYG (st thomas youth group) we want you to know 3 things…
1) You are loved by God, in Christ, and therefore
2) You have the capacity to love others, God’s Spirit helping you, which means
3) You are a part of a community and family.

The central message of God, through Jesus, is that God IS Love and that we have the opportunity to share that love by the way we live our lives.  For us as Christians, that means we follow Jesus, do what he did, learn his methods, follow his lead.

gatherMaybe we can say it like this: The best possible way to be human is to follow Jesus and the best possible way to follow Jesus is to do that with others and the best possible way to do that with others is to get together to listen, be encouraged, pray, eat, hang out, play, etc.

That’s what we do here at The STYG. We gather together in order to practice a Way of Life so that it can be lived for the benefit of those around us and thereby partner with God’s restorative mission for the world.  And there are lots ways to do that!

fullsizeoutput_181d3On Sunday mornings, there’s Film School.
On many Sunday afternoons/evenings, there’s Youth Group.
On Wednesday nights, there’s D-Groups.
On various weekends and overnights, you can Sign Up For Stuff.  Every summer, there’s a Love Journey.  You can even take a glance at current, past, and future Calendars to see what took place, what’s happening, and what’s coming up.

You’re invited to be a part of this gathering of amazing people.  Got questions?  Check out Who We Are!

peace to you

~ by styg on September 1, 2018.

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