Summer Is Here

Hello friends . . . grace and peace,

summertime troy gabSchool’s out. Summer has arrived. And for a lot of people that means hanging out with friends, spending time outside, grilling food, playing in or near the water, and lots more.  It also means that a lot of church youth groups sorta shut down. BUT NOT THE STYG!

All those things listed above?  Hanging out, time outside, grilling, water? We’re gonna do those things together at lots of different times and places around the Fox Valley, around the Midwest, and even around the World!  And we’d LOVE for you to join us for any or as much of it as you can.

community quote‘Cuz here’s the thing . . . community takes time and effort for it to work.  Community doesn’t happen unless you are a part of it.  Think about your friends and family: you don’t get to know them better or become closer with each other if you don’t spend time together.  And for us at The STYG, we take the words of the bible seriously when it says we shouldn’t “neglect to meet together” (Hebrews Chapter 10).

summertime vanSo, check out all the opportunities to “meet together” this summer.  Find out what Youth Group is up to.  See what Summer D-Groups are doing.  Check out ways you can Sign Up For Stuff.  Learn about our Love Journey to Puerto Rico.  Print off some Calendars. Discover Who We Are. You’re invited to all of it.  Because we think it’s really important that we keep getting together because frankly, the community is worth it.

peace to you


~ by styg on June 2, 2018.

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