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Hello friends . . . grace and peace, (white text = link)

clock 1159Farewell 2014 and hello 2015! The change from one year to another happens in an instant, and that instant is just the same as any other instant.  I mean, let’s face it, it goes from 11:59:59 pm to 12:00:00 am each day.  But we place uber-special meaning on the very last second of one year and the very first second of the New Year.  Why? Why is that tiny span of time so meaningful for so many people? What is it about certain moments in time that make them more significant than other moments?

blinking eye gifThink about the “flashbulb” moments in your life: a great achievement, a tragic loss, a life-altering decision.  There are probably several things that have happened in the blink of an eye or in a very short amount of time that have been meaningful for you.  And those moments, those seconds and minutes in time, while they were meaningful for you, they were, well, just regular and ordinary moments for everyone else.  We all interact with time in different ways.  It doesn’t affect us all equally.

A New YearFor some of us, a New Year signifies change and wide open possibilities filled with opportunity.  For some, it’s a chance to put difficult times in the past and look forward into the future with hope and expectation.  For others, it can be viewed as a scary thing because the fear of the unknown is very powerful.  And then are those who simply chose not to assign any meaning to those few seconds that tick by as one year leaves and a new one arrives.  None of these are better or worse than the other.  They’re just, different.

styg handOur prayer here at THE STYG is that you will engage with God in this New Year in ways that are helpful and hopeful for you.  We pray that you will take the opportunity to learn more about who Jesus was and is, and to be a part of this community that is seeking to follow his teachings.  We also pray that God’s Spirit will be with you, guiding, comforting, and empowering.  There are SO MANY ways to do this in the world.  Here at THE STYG, you’ve got options . . .

Youth Group
            Film School
                                           Summer Camp
                                                       Mission Trip
and more…join the fun!

peace to you


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