Seasons Change…

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Hello friends . . . grace and peace,charlie brown snoopy summer

Summer. Is. Over. For some, this brings great joy. For others, stress. Still others see the end of summer as a welcome change but also mourn the loss of lots of free time.

things changeHowever you view and deal with the changing of seasons, it is still just that . . . a change. When seasons change, we often have to find a new rhythm and new patterns in order to cope. We might encounter new relationships, and exciting yet different activities. Sometimes these things can be true and amazing blessings from God. Other times, it’s hard to figure out where God is during those changing seasons.

bible ephesiansBut God is there. God HAS to be there. If God isn’t there, then God isn’t God anymore. God is “above all and through all and in all” as Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians teaches us (chapter 4, verse 6). There is no place that God isn’t. To say that God isn’t somewhere or isn’t a part of something is to deny God’s sovereignty. God MUST be in and through and above all. God’s Word tells us so.

God is everywhere open boxBut that’s challenging. Because there are things that I don’t think God likes or is a part of. I mean, God CAN’T be in, through, and above THAT, right? That’s not something God would ever do. And if I’m honest, I’d much rather find ways around that verse in Ephesians and go right on in my steadfast knowledge that God isn’t in, through, and above THAT thing that I don’t like. But there’s that verse . . . in black and white . . . Paul’s pen to paper . . . inspired and breathed into by God’s Spirit . . .

radical trustI’m deep into the wrestling part of this process with God. At times, I feel I should change my name to Jacob (Genesis 32:22-32) because I see things in my life and wonder how in the world God could or would ever be in, through, and above that. And yet, I trust that God is there. And maybe that’s the key . . .
Trust. In. God.

I don’t have all the answers (and you don’t either by the way – lol) so there comes a point at which I have to trust that God does have all the answers. And the things that I think I know about God, I have to trust that God knows more about God than I do. And the things that I think God would never be in, through, or above, I have to trust that God knows what God is doing . . . because God is “above all and through all and in all.”

Jesus agendaHere at THE STYG, we’re seeking to find ways to partner with God and be a part of what God is doing in the world.  Because that’s the invitation Jesus gives . . . to be a part of God’s mission for the world.  We do this in lots of ways . . . Sunday Afternoon/Evening Youth Group, Wednesday Night D-Groups, Sunday Morning Film School, Summer Love Journey, as well as ways to Sign Up For Stuff like Lock-Ins, and retreats, and other special events.
We hope you’ll join us!!

peace to you


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