A Risky Proposal…

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Hello friends . . . grace and peace,

annunciation god proposes gabrielle maryI think we tend to read the wrong Old Testament passage from scripture when we learn about the Angel Gabrielle visiting Mary.  Typically we read from Isaiah 7:14 which tells us that a virgin will have a child and be called “God With Us”.  And that is a beautiful foreshadowing of the coming of The Messiah, who is Jesus.  But I think a better passage to use is from Deuteronomy 22

bible light shine down“If, however, the charge is true and no proof of the young woman’s virginity can be found, she shall be brought to the door of her father’s house and there the men of her town shall stone her to death. She has done an outrageous thing in Israel by being promiscuous while still in her father’s house. You must purge the evil from among you.”

risky businessPerhaps we can understand a bit more why Mary is troubled by God’s proposal to her.  It makes sense that she asked questions of God.  Mary, a virgin, engaged to be married, was being asked to have a child.  Under God’s Law given to God’s people, she would bring shame upon her family. Oh, and, by the way, be stoned to death.  Mary, by saying yes to God, is taking a huge risk.  And yet, she chooses to believe that God has what’s best in mind.  She trusts in God’s future.

radical trustDo we?  Do we trust that God has a good future in mind? Even in the midst of all that is going on in our world, are we willing to take the risk and trust in God’s future?  Or do we panic?  Do we point our fingers and accuse others?  Do we take the focus off the invitation for us to trust and instead focus on others’ lack of trust?  Do we make it about “them” rather than “us”?

styg red and whiteHere at the STYG, during this season of Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany, we invite you deeper into God’s Love, God’s Goodness, God’s Presence.  Join us on Sundays for Film School.  Feel free to help us serve others at Youth Group.  Participate in a community focused on God’s Presence at D-Groups.  Live your life by imitating The Way of Jesus, trusting God, and loving your neighbor.

peace to you


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