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Hello friends . . . grace and peace,

theyOne of the biggest and most frustrating things about being a Jesus follower is other Jesus followers. “They” don’t think like I want them to think. “They” don’t have the same opinions as I have. “They” don’t interpret the scriptures the way I do. In fact, I’m not even sure “They” are even following Jesus.

us vs themThe sad part about this is that “They” aren’t really “They” at all. “They” are a part of who We are. “They” are Us. We are a part of “Them”. And there’s really no getting around that. It would be so very convenient for us to live in a world that was separated into an “Us vs Them” context. But, there’s just one problem with that way of seeing the world in that way.

oneJesus never commanded us to all think the same thoughts and do same things and believe in the same way. Jesus’ prayer for all his followers was that they be One, just as he and God are One. (see John 17:20-21). When we start separating out the Jesus followers into “They” and “Those” and “Them”, we stop becoming “We” and “Us”. We are no longer One. And according to Jesus, that means people will not learn that God sent Jesus to display God’s love to the world (See John 17:22-23)

styg red and whiteWe here at The STYG (St. Thomas Youth Group) are all about coming together as “We” and “Us”. We prefer that there be no “They”, “Them”, “Those” kind of talk. We get it thought. We all have opinions and thoughts and beliefs. And we have to wrestle with those together and measure them against what Jesus teaches us. But our goal is to do so in the Way of Jesus: through loving conversations (See John 21:15-19), through listening to each others’ stories (See John 4:1-26), and through seeking God’s Kingdom together (See Matthew 6:33).

The Way of JesusHow do we do this? Join us for Sunday Youth Group activities this month like serving at Homeless Connections or Chalk & Flowers. From 6:15 – 8:00 pm you’re all invited to D-Groups on Wednesday Nights as we wrap up our 5-week “YouTube” series based on Acts 17. At 9 am on Sunday mornings we do Film School and we’re finishing Hugo. Plus you can Sign Up For Stuff . . . lots of stuff going on this summer. The bottom line is, you are a part of us. All of you are. For Jesus followers, there is no “Us” vs “Them”. So, “May We” take The Way of Jesus seriously and follow the teachings of scripture that says there is no ______ vs ______ (See Colossians 3:11)

peace to you


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